So first, Rob Dibble said an e-mail from Stephen Strasburg’s father to Nats ownership caused him to lose his MASN broadcasting job. Then Strasburg wrote on Twitter that his father doesn’t even have an e-mail address for Nats ownership. Then Adam Kilgore talked to Stan Kasten, who said that Dibble’s account was “both fictional and, really, quite sad” and that “I hope [Dibble] gets whatever help he needs.”

And because feuds between ex-Nationals lightning rods can’t die after just three rounds, Dibble answered back on Twitter. He eventually deleted two of the four Tweets he wrote about Kasten, but they were preserved at Nationals Inquisition and on the WNFF board. Here ya go:

* If Stan Kasten keeps talking out of the side of his neck I will totally tell my side of The Sad Story. Your a Sad man Stan

* Funny, Ex Nats Pres who hired me says I need help, OK Meatloaf!

* The reason I kept quiet for 6 months is even I couldn’t repeat the filth that came out of Stan’s Mouth

* Mark Twain said, “If you tell the Truth you don’t have to Remember anything”

Not that I’m an expert on this relationship, but it seems to me like maybe Dibble and Kasten aren’t best friends.