Hey, you remember Rob Dibble, right? He’s the color analyst who said Stephen Strasburg should “suck it up” when he got injured, then got fired by MASN, then blamed Strasburg’s dad for the firing and then...well, no one much cares what he did after that.

Until last night when Dibble came full circle on Twitter by implying that Stephen Strasburg should suck it up.

After a pretty terrible day on the mound, it was revealed that Strasburg may have gotten some Hot Stuff in a place where Hot Stuff doesn’t belong.

Enter Dibble. Some of the tweets have since been deleted, but here’s a screen grab of his tirade. Read from the bottom up for proper order.

There you have it, folks.

I’ve never gotten Hot Stuff in uncomfortable places, so I can’t speak for its distraction factor. But I can guarantee that if it happened to Dibble before he went on the air, we’d hear about it more than once.