Hey, you know who hasn’t said anything outlandish about the Nats lately? Rob Dibble, that’s who!

During his new Fox Sports Radio show on Monday night, he rectified that. After first suggesting that Jim Riggleman was a better Xs and Os coach than Davey Johnson, Dibble discussed the front-office structure. (Listen here.)

“They have a lot of great people in the organization; it’s the people above Rizzo [who] are not baseball people, and that’s the problem,” Dibble said. “They’ve brought in old NBA people. The Lerner family, I think they were in construction before. So they constantly say well, we’re trying to learn the game. The game is, let the baseball people do their thing.

 “He still loves the National organization,” said co-host Mike North, who seemed anxious to move on. “There’s no doubt, you still wear a little bit of the Nats on your sleeve.” 

“You’re out of your mind, Mike,” Dibble said. “No, I don’t. Absolutely not. That was the worst two years of my life. Now, working for MASN was the best maybe year-and-a-half of my life. They were so good to me and still are. The Angeloses were great. Now, obviously they own the Orioles.

“I’ve never ever said some of this stuff on the air, but the fact that you try to blame a color analyst or anybody that has nothing to do with the field for what’s going on down on the field is pathetic to me. And it wasn’t just me. You had Don Sutton, a Hall of Famer, before me. You had Tom Paciorek ...great guy before him. And then before Tom Paciorek you had Ron Darling.

“So the two things that I want to have straight here right now going forward, I was [asked] to take the job. I didn’t want the job, I didn’t ask for the job...I did EVERYTHING they asked me to do, any caravan, any working with women on baseball projects and stuff like that, I did everything that was asked of me, and any comments that I made on my other show that had nothing to do with the Nationals, that was separate…

“To have somebody call me out and say I was personal or I attacked somebody is pathetic, and I’d say it to their face if they were in front of me right now, because they know who they are.”

Rob Dibble, everyone!

(Via Reader Cal.)