Of course he would be presented with one of the team’s new kits in the locker room, and would wear it on the sidelines, and would hobnob with soccer dignitaries, and would be cheered by the crowd, and would be shown on the FedEx Field big screens after the only U.S. goal of the night.

Of course the Internet would then offer tons of photos of Griffin thus attired.

And of course the only thing I would wind up writing about a local friendly involving the men’s national soccer team would involve the Redskins quarterback.

(Photos via @JozyAltidore, @HoustonDynamo, @DaniLaFataRD, @GSHOK9, @tomcblock and @ussoccer. See @Redskins for photos of RGIII in the locker room, and with Coach Jurgen Klinsmann.)