(Via SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Facebook page.)

Asked in a vague way about the alleged extortion plot, RGIII answered in kind.

“It’s something that was definitely on my mind the whole time I was here, listening to these guys talk,” he said from the league’s rookie symposium. “You have to be guarded, but you don’t want to be too guarded. Just the fact that there’s gonna be people out there that are trying to get at you, trying to tear you down, it’s just really unfortunate that that has to happen. But there’s definitely ways to get around those things and combat those things, and that’s what I had to do.”

He was then asked more generally about the lessons he and his fellow rookies should take from the symposium.

“The one thing I’ve tried to talk to not only with the Redskins but other groups that we’ve been with, is we control where this league goes,” Griffin said. “And there will be guys that listen to what [Michael Vick and Adam Jones] have to say and still go do exactly what those guys did. It sucks, yeah, but you have to move on. And hopefully, if we can get 95 percent, 90 percent of the guys to go the right direction, then we’ve accomplished something.”

(SiriusXM also posted the above image of RGIII’s socks on its Facebook page.)


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