Hey, a Robert Griffin III interview!

Here he is on E:60 with Rachel Nichols, who asked him about going to the Redskins.

“I feel like I’m already a part of the Redskins, because I’m talking on behalf of the Redskins,” he told the former Post reporter. “But I’m excited to go there. There’s a lot of excitement, but I also know that it’s not just excitement for me.

“Yeah, they’ll get a franchise quarterback — or a young quarterback that can develop — but they’re excited for that team. Great defense, a lot of weapons on offense. They just need someone they can believe in, and I’m happy that I can be that guy.”

At the end of the piece, Nichols asked Griffin to play a word-association game. His answers:

View Photo Gallery: On the day before the NFL draft, Robert Griffin III and other draft prospects participate in an event encouraging kids to stay active.

Retired Player His Game Most Resembles: “Roger Staubach.”

NFL Draft: “Dream catching. First chance that you get to be in the NFL. It’s not making it in the NFL, but you actually made it, you get a chance to be a professional athlete. You’re not chasing that dream any more, you caught it; now it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do with it.”

The Redskins: “Let’s go. Ready to go. Ready to win. Ready to play with a great defense.”

Mike Shanahan: “Super Bowls.”

The NFC East: “Toughest.”

The Future: “Unlimited.”

Oh, and Nichols asked him about the emotions of Thursday night.

“I try not to get too excited for anything other than touchdowns, but it is here,” he said. “I might be emotional, I might not be emotional. But I’m gonna err on the side that maybe I’ll be really really excited or have a couple tears drop here or there, because it’s a dream come true.”