As Dan mentioned yesterday, Comcast SportsNet’s sit-down interview with Robert Griffin III will start airing in pieces today at 6 p.m.

It’s obvious that D.C. is enamored with the potential Redskins draft pick, and it seems that the love is mutual. But he knows as well as we do that there’s a chance Indianapolis will draft him, and is being careful not to alienate any fans.

He explains in the latest clip from the interview.

“Based on everything that’s been said, I wanna be in that group that says Andrew’s going to Indy and I’m going to Washington. I have no problem with that. It’s not that I’m reluctant to say I don’t want to go to Washington, because I’d love to go there. I’d love to go to Indy as well. I just don’t want any group of fans to think that I’m picking one side over the other.”

There haven’t been any sit-down interviews with Andrew Luck in D.C. No one is making Luck t-shirts or sending us pictures of Luck license plates. By all accounts, D.C. has certainly picked one side over the other.