(The video from CSN Washington is below, and you really should watch it, to see the way the Shanahan-RGIII interaction started and ended without either man looking at ownership. Then the two guys walk off together. UPDATE: A Redskins official tells me that Griffin actually did greet and talk with Snyder at his pro day.)

Meanwhile, the Washington Times’s Rich Campbell had this great anecdote after talking to RGII:

“The owner, he had a lot of concerns,'" Robert Jr. recalled. "You know, a young kid coming into the league. He asked us what type of vehicle Robert drives. I said, ‘Chrysler Pacifica the whole time he was at Baylor.’

He said, ‘Yeah, because guys in our parking lot are driving Bentleys.’ I said, ‘Robert is not going to be driving no Bentley. If he do, you call me.’”

No word if RGIII owns any mega yachts.