Hey, a Robert Griffin III interview. That’s something new.

Still, this one, like all of them, is a compelling watch. The best part comes when SB Nation’s Dan Rubenstein asked Griffin if he is still mad about not being recruited as a quarterback coming out of high school.

“You get past it,” RGIII said. “I don’t do things to prove people wrong. But if you always work as if you have a chip on your shoulder, you’ll always be trying to get better. You’re always working on something.”

“Is it hard not to read about yourself?” Rubenstein asked.

“It is hard not to read about yourself,” Griffin said. “If I’m flipping through the channels and I see myself on ESPN, of course I’m gonna stop and watch it. But I’m never gonna go look at ESPN’s schedule and say when am I on. You know, I’m not gonna do anything like that.

“So it’s hard to not see that stuff, which is why I knew McShay called me a fourth-round receiver, but you don’t want to let that stuff fuel you. What I tell people is my friends, my family, my faith fuels me. Those types of people that bad-talk you and things like that, they increase the power of my fuel. They make my premium gas extra-premium.”

 “I’m officially in love with Robert Griffin III,” Rubenstein later said.