In advance of this, I asked my Twitter followers what I should ask the future Redskins QB. Far and away, the most-asked question concerned what uniform number Griffin would wear in the NFL, and how his nameplate would read. So I asked him.

“I plan to wear 10,” he told me. “I think it’ll be available. It’s just the number I’ve had since high school, and it’s what people associate me with. If they didn’t know my name, they knew I was No. 10. No need to change things up now, just because I quote-unquote made it. I’m just gonna continue to be myself and continue to go out and be successful. ”

And the nameplate? Will it be “Griffin III?”

“That’s definitely gonna be on my jersey,” he confirmed. “We already passed that by the NFL. We’re all-go on that. Pretty cool that I get to keep that on my nameplate.”

(As for why he started his football career as No. 10, Griffin said his high school coach just gave it to him. “I was a sophomore, a backup QB,” he explained. I didn’t have the luxury of saying ‘Hey coach, I want that number.”)

Other things I learned:

His Favorite Redskin

“From an outsider looking in, I would definitely have to say Doug Williams,” Griffin said. “If there’s one thing I know as a quarterback, he’s the only African-American QB to ever win a Super Bowl. That’s definitely something that resonates with me. Once I get into the organization and I can learn a lot more about the history, maybe I’ll have a different favorite Redskins, but as of this minute, old Dougie Williams does it for me.”

Whether He Owns Redskins Socks

“I can’t say whether I do or don’t, let’s just put it that way,” he said.

The Fight Song

“I know HTTR means ‘Hail to the Redskins,’ ” Griffin told me. “I kept seeing it on my Twitter feed, so I kind of connected the dots and realized it was a bunch of Redskins fans. Plus I have the media guide from last year. I have the whole song there, but I don’t know it yet.”

Whether He’ll Root for the Caps in Game 7

“I’m trying to respect the process,” Griffin said. “I can’t root for any Washington team until I get drafted. Then I’ll root for them. Until then, I’m just Robert Griffin III, looking for a job.”

Working With Rex Grossman

“I’m looking forward to meeting him, talking to him, having a good mentor and a guy to go in and compete against,” he said. “There’s one thing I’m not blind to: he’s a professional football player and he doesn’t want his spot to be taken. He’ll be there to help me, and he’ll also be there to kick my butt. I understand that.”

The Response He’s Gotten From D.C.

“Amazing,” he said. “The Redskins fans, the fans of D.C. are really excited. They look forward to having a franchise quarterback. I’ve seen at least seven different variations of my name on shirts there. Some would call it crazy, but once I get drafted, it goes from crazy to just general excitement for the team. The Redskins have a great defense; they need someone they can believe in, and I’m prayerful I could be that guy.”

Being Made out of Subway Smokehouse BBQ Chicken

“The statue looks great. It’s got peppers for hair, the Smokehouse barbecue chicken all over the place. It actually looks pretty cool. They didn’t inform me that it was being made until yesterday. I was shocked.”

Endorsing Subway

“They labeled me as a Famous Fan, but I went there religiously in college, because I needed a quick meal before practice. It was always there to help me gain the weight that I needed, and to last me through practice. It’s pretty cool, kind of an honor to be part of the family.”

(Image via @prwerdel)