Hey, a Robert Griffin III interview!

This kid is already perhaps the most polished sports figure in the entire D.C. market. Not joking. I watch and listen to a lot of interviews. He’s pretty darn good.

Wednesday in New York, a reporter asked RGIII about joining John Wall and Stephen Strasburg as prominent young D.C. stars.

“It’s pretty cool, and I think everyone’s trying to help their teams get better,” Griffin said. “John Wall’s an amazing basketball player. He almost came to Baylor. And then Strasburg, he probably almost came to Baylor, too,” he joked.

“But it’ll be really cool. We’re all fighting for the same thing. We all want to win, we all want to lift our city up and do things that’ll help the community.”

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Then someone asked if Griffin, as a D.C. guy, was obligated to watch Game 7 of the Caps-Bruins series.

“I’m not a D.C. guy yet, ‘til tomorrow,” he said. “But I will watch. I will not mention anything on Twitter. But I’ll be wanting to root for every team in the city, whenever I get to that city.”