(Bebeto Matthews/AP)

I assume he was joking, anyhow. But he does manage to keep things fresh.

Which brings me to his one-on-one conversation with 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen in New York this week. Paulsen brought up an RGIII quote from the combine, when he said he wanted to be loved by his NFL team, and asked if that seems to be the case with the Shanahans.

“Love is something that’s hard to define, but it’s also defined with actions,” Griffin said. “So I didn’t know they loved me until they traded for me. You know, they can say hey, we really like you, we really want you, but how many times have you said that to a girl straight to her face, and you didn’t love her? You have to SHOW her that you love her. And in this case, I guess I was the girl, and they showed me that they loved me. And I’ll always be — I won’t say in debt to them — for that, but I’ll always work my butt off for them.”

Well, Grant? How many times have you said that to a girl straight to her face? And have you ever offered up three first-round draft picks for a lucky young lady? Because that’s true love.

Anyhow, then Paulsen asked Griffin about his relationship with the Shanahans.

“It’s a great relationship,” the quarterback said. “They’re gonna treat me like a man, because that’s what I am. They’re not gonna treat me like a boy, they’re not gonna bring me in as if I’m a college kid and they’re the head coach....By no means are we equal. Mike Shanahan has Super Bowls. I don’t have Super Bowls. So there’ll always be [a different status].

“But they’re gonna treat me like a man, they’re gonna let me have input into the offense, they’re gonna try to do things to help me be successful. And that’s a great start. That’s what you want as a player. You want to go to a coach and he says look, we’re gonna mold this around you, we’re not gonna force anything upon you that you’re not good at. We’re gonna help you be successful. I like that....Great coaches do that. They mold their offense to their players.”