Asking college football players about potential NFL destinations is entirely silly, because they don’t actually get to choose what city they’re going to, and even if they did, they probably wouldn’t just tell random reporters the answer in December, especially if they haven’t even publicly declared whether they’ll be entering the NFL draft.

All that said, any time anyone asks Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck about the Redskins, I’ll publish their answers, because doing a blog about D.C. sports is entirely silly to begin with, and there’s probably some Web traffic to be gained therein.

“I’ve been to D.C. and I like the Redskins,” RGIII told Comcast SportsNet’s Ivan Carter on Monday, in possibly his first direct answer about playing in Washington. “But I still have that decision to make whether I’m coming out or not. And wherever I go, if I do come out, I’ll be excited to be there.”

Then Carter asked RGIII about visiting the White House.

“That’d be awesome,” he said. “Mr. Obama, President Obama, that’s always an honor to meet the president.”

And then Chick Hernandez asked Mike Shanahan if the Skins could set something like that up.

“Sure we can,” he said. “Sure we can. That’s easy.”

In other news about nothing, London Fletcher sent out this Tweet during Monday night’s Fiesta Bowl:

Watching Andrew Luck, thinking how good he would look in burgundy & gold!

Yeah, and just imagine how amazing the Luck/Griffin combination will be, after the Redskins trade their seventh-round pick, Donte Stallworth’s dreadlocks and Fred Davis and Trent Williams’s drug paraphernalia for the top seven picks in April’s draft.