That is why we do 5,000 Robert Griffin III items a week on this here blog. And that is why we will link to every commercial RGIII films, including the below spot for EvoShield.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell wrote about the sponsorship deal on Thursday, although the commercial has apparently been on the Internet for several weeks.

“The company liked the speedy RGIII to be its first football endorser to help them shed the stigma that protective gear has to be bulky,” Rovell wrote.

The company already has deals with baseball players like Troy Tulowitzki and Alex Gordon, but Griffin said he will be the face of EvoShield Football.

“Being the explosive guy that I am, running and throwing the ball, I need that protection in the pocket when I’m getting hit by bigger guys, and outside the pocket when I’m running around,” Griffin says in the spot. “Sometimes you get leveled here and there, and you want to make sure you can get up.

 “The first time I got hit when I was wearing my EvoShield rib protectors and my thigh pads, you feel like you’re lighter and faster, but you also feel more protected. When I got hit, I didn’t feel it. I could have ribs fully exposed, arms up, and get hit, and I still felt protected. So it makes you feel fearless out there, to where you can run into any kind of hit and not be bothered. I don’t suggest that, but it’s still good that you’re protected that way.

 “The look of EvoShield’s products, it’s a good look, it’s stylish. Kids feel like they have what they call Swag whenever they wear the gear, so you want to feel good about what you’re wearing. EvoShield’s aware of that. Last time we checked, ugly doesn’t sell, and they’re definitely not selling ugly things.

 “To be the face of EvoShield Football is not just because they said put the gear on, we want you to wear it. I’ve been using it for the past three years at Baylor University, so I’ve got a really great relationship with the product, I’m comfortable in it and I feel confident on the field when I wear it. That’s why I’m here with EvoShield, doing what I’m doing.”


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