Some boring quarterbacks might buy warm gloves for their offensive linemen, or fancy jewelry, or steak dinners.

Not Robert Griffin III, though. He will make them delicate desserts.

“We’ll work something out,” he promised in a recent interview with SB Nation Studios. “Every no-sack victory that we have, I might cook them beignets.”

Right. Beignets.

“I know how to make beignets,” he insisted. “My mom and dad are both from New Orleans. My whole family’s from there.”

What else does he cook?

“Eggs, cereal, peanut butter and jelly,” he listed. “Beignets is really my speciality. I cook breakfast, but beignets is where it’s at.”

I can cook eggs, cereal, peanut butter and jelly and Tofurkey roast with potatoes, carrots and sage dressing. I cannot, however, cook beignets.

Elsewhere in the interview, Griffin discussed the Kirk Cousins issue, and while he didn’t make any news exactly by declaring himself the starter, he sure did it with conviction.

“Coach actually told me he was gonna take another quarterback when I flew in after Day 1 of the draft,” the rookie said. “They just wanted to have two quarterbacks build together, complete that youth movement on the team.

“With Kirk, it’s fine. They brought me in for a reason. We all know they brought me in to be the starter, and I plan to be the starter, and they brought him in for a reason as well. He knows that.

“And it’s not a competition. Let’s just go ahead and say that. But we’re cool....We work out together, we were roommates for rookie minicamp, so there’s no conflict there.”

In my final nugget of interest, Griffin was asked what he knows about the District.

“I know it’s a huge District,” he said. “People call it the DMV. It’s not just DC.; it’s Virginia, Maryland. I know that there’s a lot of people there, they’re very excited about the Redskins, and that’s a good thing.”