Remember when Redskins reserve linebacker called fans who booed the team “dim wits” on Twitter, and then quit the social networking site?

Well, he since rejoinced Twitter (uh, make that rejoined Twitter), and he still sometimes gets fired up. This week’s topic? The lockout, naturally. Selections from after Judge Susan Nelson lifted the lockout. All items are copy and pasted, so any typos are not mine:

* I just had first taste of rejection from the Redskins staff,and found out their jobs are being threatened if they help us

* I won’t put a name out,this is the text”Im so sorry but I would risk my job with the RS if I went against what I have been instructed.Sorry!

* Man why sneak into work only to looked at like a stranger!! This has got to stop somewhere

* This is how you treat the people who male you millions? More importantly the people who spend millions,this economy falls without this game

* The Giants let there players workout!! Are you kidding me?

* The Giants let there players workout, they are in our division and are getting a head start

* it upsets deeply me thinking a division opponent is getting ahead of us, it’s not just workouts they went through the Playbook n film

* most teams start game planning for week one opponents right when the schedule hits,& for div opponents we never stop

* I workout better when I’m pissed off and for the haters,I hear you n I’m watching! To Giants guys that worked out, u won’t out work me!!

* The next person that I hit in a live game will be receiving about a years worth of pent up aggression! Mike Santos go ahead n fine me now