Get us a pic of Roger Bernadina aka THE SHARK eating a fish taco and we will give you free burritos for a year #sharkweekless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Replycaltort

First I thought the breakthrough moment of Roger “The Shark” Bernadina’s “Shark” nickname was its purported use on “Baseball Tonight” last week.

But I was wrong. The breakthrough moment came this week, when California Tortilla decided to riff on Discovery’s “Shark Week” extravaganza with this amazing offer: a full year of free burritos to the first brave soul who gets a picture of Bernadina eating fish tacos.

Can Bernadina take this photo himself? What about a Nats teammate? How would the chain ensure that Bernadina was actually eating a fish taco and not, say, an avocado and brown rice taco? And is there a limit on the number of “free burritos” at stake.

These are the questions one asks oneself during the absolute worst sports week of the year. But anyhow, thanks for playing along with the nickname, California Tortilla. Will let you know if I qualify for your offer.