RGIII and his niece. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)

Ron Jaworski was, too. Now, Jaws has a tendency to be thrilled, excited, ecstatic, overjoyed, etc. about pretty much any quarterback he discusses — up to and including John Beck — but he was really over the moon for RGIII’s performance.

“It was spectacular,” he said on ESPN Radio. “I walked out of there in amazement. He threw 56 passes, completed 52. One was just [inaudible], so maybe it was 51 of 55. There were two dropped balls, and really one incomplete ball where he overthrew his tight end on a crossing pattern.

“Other than that, the numbers when you look at attempts and completions, they’re amazing. But I look at what he did mechanically. I’m kind of a whack job when it comes to evaluating the quarterbacks; I like them to be mechanically sound, and what I saw out of RGIII today was exceptional.

“The mechanics, the quickness, the drop, the release, the accuracy, the touch, the firm throws, the zip throws, the screen throws, the checkdowns. Everything was to perfection....It looks like it’ll be the Washington Redskins that get him, and Mike Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan, they left there with big smiles on their face.”

Jaworski declined to express a personal preference between RGIII and Andrew Luck, but he said the former suits a Mike Shanahan offense better, while the latter is more what the Colts have in mind.

“If the Redskins were going number 1,” he said, “I still believe they would take RGIII.”