Drew Rosenhaus, if you can believe this, seems to be backing his client, Rex Grossman, as the Redskins starter in 2011.

Rosenhaus was on the Sirius XM Blitz with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon this week, and Gannon asked about the chances of Grossman returning to D.C. and claiming the starting quarterback role.

“Well, I think there’s a good chance he’ll be back because he played great for them at the end of the season,” Rosenhaus said. “He really played well when he started the last three games. They got a lot of production out of Rex. He played well enough to win each one of those games. He fits that scheme very well. He’s got a great relationship with [offensive coordinator] Kyle Shanahan going back to their time together in Houston.

“Rex is really at a stage in his career where he’s ready to blossom with the Redskins. I hope that we can get a deal done. He is a free agent but he’d like to come back. I’d like to think that they view him as the starter when you look at their other options right now. And I’m going into it once free agency is allowed to proceed, that I’d like to be able to get a deal done with them and I’m hopeful he’ll be their starting quarterback this year.”

Ready to blossom!!!!!

And for those who would like to join Team Rex, there’s this tweet from Dan Hellie at Tuesday’s practice session: “I haven’t seen a John Beck throw over 30 yards that hasn’t been a duck. Rex seems so much crisper on nearly every throw.”