Former Redskins offensive lineman and current NFL analyst Ross Tucker was on 106.7 The Fan this morning to talk about the NFL lockout. But he started talking to the Junkies about the Steve Spurrier Era, and that was a lot more entertaining.

I mean, 30 years from now, the Steve Spurrier Era will remain a juicy source of hilarious radio interviews.

“Marty was the only guy that literally I think almost all of us would run through a wall for,” Tucker said. “I mean, he could just get the hair on the back of your neck standing up. He was awesome....But then the next year Spurrier comes in and we go to Dickinson for training camp and his opening meeting was, ‘You know men, I played 12 years in the NFL and went to 12 of these here training camps and I can’t remember one darn good thing I ever got out of it. But you know what, Mr. Snyder wants us to be here, so let’s try to get something done.’ ”


On the preseason success: “What was weird was I was starting, I started every preseason game that year in ‘02, and we were killing people. I was like, wow, we’re awesome, I’m awesome, life is awesome, this is fantastic. And then I realized wait a minute, we actually only have two pass protections, and the Steelers are laughing at us because they say they know what our protection is, and Shane Matthews and Danny are getting blown up, and our poor running back, there’s no hot reads, there’s no sight adjusts.

On the organization: “I’m actually shocked that does decently well in college. He was by far the worst coach I ever had. Let me give you an example, his director of ops guy was the least detail-oriented dude I’ve ever met. Everyone in the NFL is like ok the bus is at 10, we’ll get there at 10:15!! The first game I was like ‘What time is the bus?’ he’s like, ehhhh, it’ll probably be around 9. I was like what are you talking about around 9? I’ve got to know. It was honestly crazy. I mean, that was not pro football. I don’t know what that was.”

On leaving: “You know what’s crazy is I got cut by him midway through the year, and I got picked up on waivers the next day by the Cowboys. So I went into Redskins Park to get my bag and all my stuff, and he looks at me and he says Cowboys, huh? And I’m like yup. And he’s like, well, don’t be telling ‘em any of my secrets. I’m sitting there thinking number one dude, your secrets are pathetic, and number 2, as soon as I get there tomorrow, I’m actually going to tell them every single thing I can remember about your pathetic offense.”

On Patrick Ramsey: “If you guys ever could, you should go back and get a sideline copy of Patrick Ramsey’s first start against the Saints. There were no hot reads or no sight adjusts. If a blitz came, his whole philosophy was to change the play at the line of scrimmage. Well, in the NFL, if it looks like the linebacker from the right’s coming, he’s not the guy coming, it’s the other guy. It’s all disguised. He would literally be on the sideline screaming out to Patrick to change the play, so Patrick would change the play, then the defense would shift, and Spurrier would be like no no no no, and there’d either be a timeout or a delay of game. Dude, it was straight high school. It was honestly hilarious. It was absolutely brutal.”