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Here’s my new game: automatically disagreeing with everyone who voices an opinion on the Strasburg Shutdown. When Scott Boras explains that there could be legal and ethical ramifications, I find myself wishing the Nats would just let Strasburg pitch, legal threats be damned. When Chipper Jones says, “If I was him, I’d be throwing a fit,” I find myself wishing the Nats would lock Strasburg in a utility shed immediately.

Rudy Giuliani recently spoke out on the situation. Naturally, I disagreed with him.

This came during a Meet the Press bonus session with noted Nats fan David Gregory; the Nats talk was online-only, meant to appeal to crazed bloggers who have dreams about Strasburg transcripts. (It comes at the end of the video above.)

First Giuliani explained that he will not campaign on Yankees playoff dates. Then Gregory complained that Nats playoff games might conflict with the Presidential debates. Then this happened.

 “So here’s the bigger question, beyond how the Nationals and Yankees would stack up if it comes to that,” Gregory said. “What do you do with Stephen Strasburg? Do you shut him down if you’re running the team?”

“I don’t,” Gregory answered. “I’m  not a big pitch-count [guy]. I was a catcher, never at a high level. But that’s why I love baseball so much, I caught for 12 years. If he’s tired, you shut him down.

“We took pitchers out — back when they played baseball without gloves — the manager would come out and he’d look at me. I was the catcher. And he’d say has he got anything left? And I would try to be honest, I’d say no he doesn’t [or] yes he does. If I said no he doesn’t, the pitcher tried to punch me usually.

“But you took the guy out when he was tired. Some guys could go 120, 130 [pitches]....I would do the opposite with Strasburg. I’d stretch him out. Let him pitch. I wouldn’t give up home-field advantage in the playoffs. The guy’s a big strong guy, the operation seems to have worked. A lot of guys for 100 years have been pitching until the end of the season. Maybe I’d give him a day off here and there, maybe drop him a turn, then drop him another turn. But let him get to the end [of the season], and definitely have him for the playoffs.”

Giuliani’s opposed? Good enough for me. Shut the dude down. At least until Dr. James Andrews comes out and explains why Strasburg can’t possibly pitch another inning past Sept. 19.


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