MLB Productions produced four 30-minute specials profiling MLB stars, their childhoods and their off-field lives, which are airing on MLB Network. The first two focused on Matt Kemp and Torii Hunter; the last one is on CC Sabathia; and this weekend’s is all about Ryan Zimmerman.

The show will air Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 12:30 p.m., and includes clips from D.C., Virginia Beach and Charlottesville. It was filmed this June, and features Zimmerman talking about the Nats’ 2012 success, his youth, his mother’s experience with multiple sclerosis, and his foundation, among other topics. His parents, fiancée and grandfather are all interviewed, as are other MLB players.

A preview of the show is below, and the network shared some quotes, including these:

On his early years: “I really wasn’t great at baseball growing up. I was always the younger kid, kind of undersized. So being kind of the smallest and not the most physical, I think I had to learn a lot more about the game to put myself in a position to succeed. Because physically, I was not up to par with the other guys I was playing with. Once I learned all that and then, obviously, my physical side caught up, I think it was kind of a perfect storm.”

On the 2012 season: “I’ve been here through times where we’re 30 games out in July. Now we’re to the point where we’re turning that corner and we’re going to be competitive now for the next foreseeable future.”

On being in D.C. with his fiancee: “Even when I’m done playing, this would be a place where both of us would like to live. Her parents live around here. My parents are close. I feel sorry for the guys that go to cities that they know nothing about and have really no one close that they know to hang out with. So I’m very lucky.”