Dave McKenna noted this week that Sam Huff has a newspaper column for the Loudoun Times, which was news to me. Just for fun, I read a few of his recent works. They’re extremely enjoyable reads.

One of the things I learned is that football is “war without guns.” No, really, it is. Don’t believe me?

April 13: I was the hit man. It was war without guns. We loved the game and we played the game.  We tried to knock our opponents out. Was that full speed attack dangerous? Yes, it was. Was it safe? No, it wasn’t. Was it necessary? It won games. 

May 11: It was war without guns. If those rookies tough it out, stay and play, they can become a part of the greatest sport ever. The future is now.

July 5: Competition in NFL football is tough. This is war without guns....Revenge is sweet. How sweet it was! It’s war without guns.

Aug. 2: I have also said from the beginning this is war without guns, and it is.

Aug. 16: Remember I have always said this is war without guns. If a football player gets to the top, if he plays well through college, if he goes to the pros, and then if he is inducted, he has had to fight on the way up, constantly and unrelentingly.

Sept. 13: I have called it “war without guns”, and if you play football in the National Football League, it is....As far as football is concerned, I have done it all and I have seen it all. That was fortunate for me because I enjoyed the war, so to speak....Now that the season has begun, or “war” as I call it, the competition will get tough, and that’s why NFL football is the nation’s favorite sport.

Oct. 4: As I have said often, NFL football is war without guns.

Oct. 11: NFL football is not for boys; it is war without guns. If you had ever been on the line facing a Jim Brown, a Jim Taylor or at the bottom in a pile of NFL players fighting for a fumbled ball and fighting for a moment of fame, you would know what I mean. It’s war, and that NFL regulation approved helmet is not an Easter bonnet.