One prominent former Redskin turned media member — Joe Theismann — loudly criticized Trent Williams and Fred Davis after their drug-related suspensions, saying he was “disgusted” and that “you just can’t fix stupid.”

Now comes another prominent former Redskin turned media member, arguing that the suspensions were actually too severe.

This comes from Sam Huff’s latest column for the Loudoun Times:

I don’t condone use of illegal drugs in any circumstance or breaking the terms of a contract.

I don’t know either Williams or Davis very well; I think they should not have broken the rules, and I think they should be punished. However, I do think their suspension for four games, or the rest of the season, is too severe a punishment....

What I am saying is—someone is carrying a big stick, and I am not sure it is just. If you have never played the game, the perspective is different; that’s for sure. Has Roger Goodell ever played NFL football? I feel sorry for the families of these two Redskins players. After all, it’s Christmas time.

See, I hadn’t previously considered the Christmas angle. Huff’s entire column is worth a read, but I especially liked these two nuggets.

* When he was with the Giants, “my roommates and I carried three cases of beer and three cartons of cigarettes back to our room each week and used it to entertain other players as they dropped by our room,” even though Huff himself was a non-smoker and does not “drink intoxicating beverages.”

* When he was with the Redskins, “one of the first things that happened to me was injuring my ankle. It looked like liver, and it was the most painful injury I ever had. Immediately, the trainer/medical staff stuck my foot in ice water, injected my ankle with Novocaine, taped it, and put me back in action.”

I’ve never seen an ankle look like liver. I never want to, either.

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