(Alex Brandon/AP)

Now, this is a strange story, since the author — from NewJerseyNewsroom.com — was evidently asking Huff this week about comments Brees made in 2009. The Saints quarterback was then defending Gene Upshaw against claims made by ex-players; Brees argued that some of the veterans had made bad business decisions and were unfairly asking the NFLPA to help bail them out.

Anyhow, Huff isn’t into that.

“Drew Brees should keep his mouth shut,” Huff told the Web site. “We (he and his Giants teammates from the 1950s and 1960s) would put a target on his back. I don’t understand all this crap. We formed it (the NFLPA). Kyle Rote (the Giants end), he did it and put it all together.”

Later in the story, Huff lamented that neither Roger Goodell nor De Smith played in the NFL, calling the entire labor situation “a mess” and arguing that Smith is not following through on his promise taking care of ex-players. Oh, and he took another shot at Brees.

“If anyone is overpaid, it’s Brees,” Huff said. “Why did he open his mouth?”

(Via CSN Washington.)