Well, turns out another D.C. athlete has stepped up with another hosted event at another Miami club. This time it’s Santana Moss, next weekend, at King of Diamonds in Miami. You really don’t want to visit the club’s Web site at work, but the club’s Twitter feed identifies it as “THE NUMBER ONE URBAN GENTLEMEN CLUB IN THE WORLD.”

So at this point, maybe I’d be better off writing an item about D.C. sports figures who aren’t hosting parties at Miami clubs.

(And if you’re recall, Ted Leonsis protested that Blatche maybe didn’t know what he was getting himself into with that hosting stint, even though he was tweeting the flier from his own account. Similarly, Moss has sent out at least three notices from his Twitter feed, so I think he’s doing this with eyes wide open.)

(Update: This item originally suggested that both Moss and Blatche hosted events at Miami strip clubs. While Blatche’s event had “Lapdance” in its name, I’m told it was held at a regular club, and not actually a strip club.)