Not being in his office myself, I haven’t always known how frequently this happens. But then you hear stuff like this, from Santana Moss, who made a long in-studio appearance with Sporting News Radio over the weekend.

“He’s one of those guys, even when you don’t see him, you feel him,” Moss said. “He’s in the office. You see that Maybach sitting outside — ok, yeah, he’s here today. But he’s one of those guys, man, you can walk into his office, and it’s like an ESPN [set] when you walk in: TVs everywhere, he’s sitting up there and he’s a guy you can go in and talk to.

“I remember one game, we were getting ready to play the Cowboys, and he wasn’t sure if I was gonna play. Three years ago. I had did something to my heel playing against the Jets, and he was like ‘Are you gonna play this week?’ He pulled me into his office, we sitting in there, and he was so laid-back, but I knew he wanted the answer.

“I was like, ‘Man, well, I haven’t walked all week on this heel.’ I couldn’t put a shoe on. So I’m like, ‘Man, if I can get the feeling to go away by Thursday, you know I’m playing Sunday.’. . . So he was like, ‘Well, okay, what you need?’ So I was like, ‘See if they can give me something to take the pain away, anything.’ So he was like, ‘All right, I’m gonna work with them and we’re gonna try to modify your shoe. ’

“And they modified my shoe, and I went out there [to practice] that day, and it was iffy. But I knew come Sunday, my adrenaline would be able to cut some of that off, so I left the door open. And Sunday I went out there and played, played well, had a great game. We barely lost to them, we lost to them on the last drive. And Dan looked at me like, ‘Great game.’ But he’s that kind of guy. He wants his players to go out there and really work for him, and when he’s got guys like that on his team, he loves to be around them. . . .

“It didn’t really faze me, because I feel like at the end of the day that’s my boss. So I want to be able to look him eye-to-eye and know what’s going on if he had to deal me somewhere. So if you can call me in the office and ask me about playing, then I can go in your office and ask you about something else later down the road. I like that relationship.”

The hosts also asked Moss if the lockout would make relations between players and owners more strained than they’ve been in the past. Moss said that there were serious labor issues that needed to be resolved for the good of the game, but that it would not change his relationship with Snyder.

“I keep my relationship the same,” the receiver said. “If I had to walk and bump into Dan, it’d be like a regular day at work: ‘Hey, what’s up?’ He’d probably sit down and grab me and tell me, ‘Hey, let’s go do something.’ He’s that type of guy. He might want to go play the little . . . I forgot the little game he likes to play all the time. I can’t think of it. It’s a game that we have at the facility. Handball? He loves playing handball. So he might [say] ‘Hey, let’s go play handball, I can beat you at handball.’ He’s competitive. He probably can [win]. I don’t play handball. He’d get me probably, yup.”