(Tom Gannam/AP)

Some fans thought that was just what any teammate would say about his starting QB, but it felt considerably stronger than that to me.

Well, if you have any doubt who Moss preferred then, you shouldn’t now. The receiver was on PFT Live with Mike Florio on Thursday, and Florio asked if Moss thought Grossman would finish out the season.

“I think so,” Moss said. “I feel that Rex is really our offense. You know, when he’s in the game, he gives us that chance to really be who we can be, especially being a receiver.

“He was the guy, early in the year, when we had those games going and we won some games. And then coming out of the [preseason], as far as how good we looked during the preseason, Rex has been that guy to really give us that spark. So I do think he finishes the season as the starter.”

Then Florio asked where this season got off-track.

“Honestly man, I really can’t say when it all fell apart,” Moss said. “I can say one game, that Eagles game, coming off a bye week, we didn’t play well as a team and we made some changes. And when you’re a team and when you’re an offense and you don’t play good and you don’t give yourself a chance to win, you’re always gonna look for something else you can do better.

“I guess coming into that week we hadn’t been playing up to our level, but we still had some wins. And I think after that game it was kind of one of those situations that the coaches felt we needed to change. That’s the only game I can really think of that really put us behind the 8 ball.

“I think if we won that game, things stay the same and things keep going smooth as it was. But seasons [are] long, and you have to just deal with what you deal with. I think that we got down a little bit and we just didn’t know what to do in the situation, and now we’re just trying to claw our way up here and get some wins.”

That’s an extremely mild and muted way of saying what we all now realize: John Beck never should have taken Rex Grossman’s job. Listen to the full interview here.