Elsewhere in RGIII praise, OCNN (The OchoCinco News Network, of course) caught up with Santana Moss in Miami and asked him about RGIII.

“In Washington we’ve been waiting for that guy to give us that playoff berth, to give us that championship. Right now, the city ridin’ on him. We as players need to be together with him to bring us the success that we’ve been looking for. We can’t just say, OK, that’s our guy and he’s gonna do everything. I think as a team collectively we gotta go out there and help him be able to be that guy. I feel like he’s the guy, he’s going to get it done.”

Santana went on to explain what exactly makes RGIII so popular with the receivers.

“Honestly, man, you know he’s got a nice ball,” Moss continued. “He can take a little off it, he’s in there when he want to. He’s one of those guys, he’s gonna have that ball that you always say ‘Damn, it’s always coming hard.’ He got a ball that, it  comes to where it needs to come when it’s time. If he’s gotta squeeze it in there, he’s gonna throw it hard and fast. If he’s got time and you’re open, he’s gonna give it to you soft so you can do something with it. That’s the luxury of having a guy like that. I mean, that’s something that receivers love.”

Less than a month ago, Santana said of RGIII, “Yeah, he’s that dude.” Clearly we can add Moss to the RGIII fan club.

By the way, who’s got the line on the first player not named RGIII to pull an Adam Jones when asked the 867th RGIII-related question in an interview?