Although Moss turns 32 in June, he could remain productive for a few more seasons. Last season, he proved to be a good fit in offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s system. Playing multiple receiver positions, Moss had a career-high 93 receptions for 1,115 yards (topping the 1,000-yard mark for fourth time in his career) and six touchdowns.

It would seem to make sense for the Redskins to re-sign him. The problem with their passing attack last season wasn’t Moss -- it was the lack of consistent options in addition to Moss and Anthony Armstrong.

And yet the caveats — the age and the cost and the red-zone threat and the history of injuries — also remain the same.

Moss, for his part, just wants to know where he’ll be playing.

“It’s gonna be a mess,” the receiver said, discussing free agency on Sporting News Radio over the weekend. “I’m just hoping everything goes as planned, man. I just want to be signed. I’ve never really been out there when it comes to controversies and all that stuff, so I don’t want that dealing with this process. I want it to be you’re gonna sign me, sign me and let’s go.

“You know, I don’t want to be sitting out there and they’re saying, ‘well, this guy...we want to chop here...’ Nah. Redskins, take me off real quick, and let’s just go on ahead and play some football. I don’t want to be out there and having to say I’ve got to go travel to this place and that place. But dealing with the business, you never can predict what’s gonna happen, so I’m just looking forward to the process, and I’m gonna be rock and rolling when it’s time. When they tell me where I’m at, let’s go.”

Moss was in studio for nearly 40 minutes, and he talked on a variety of other Redskins-related topics, including why he has yet to attend any of the team’s players-only workouts.

“I was up there one week around my birthday and I realized they was going out there doing it, but I didn’t want to just go out there, cameras come out and be all a part of that,” said Moss, who, predictably, is in the best shape of his life. “So I just said hey, I’ll just keep training where I’m training down in Florida. That was actually my day off. I was celebrating my birthday up there in D.C., and I was like let me take advantage of my birthday time, and I flew back down the next day and got back into my workouts.”

Moss also addressed Donovan McNabb’s benching in Detroit, praising the quarterback at length but seeming to agree that he wasn’t healthy enough to run the two-minute offense.

“I think it was just Coach Shanahan didn’t mean to make it what it was, what it came to be,” Moss said. “Donovan had had two black-and-blue hamstrings. I’d been watching that for weeks on, because we were both in the training room: I was doing rehab work, and he was getting treated on his hamstrings. And from that standpoint, with our two-minute offense, I think Coach Shanahan was trying to protect him in a sense so we could go down the field and be as sharp as we can be.

“Knowing that Donovan didn’t have a lot of protection that game, probably throughout the whole year, he had to do a lot of running and he probably wouldn’t have been fit for us to get down the field. So he tried to handle it and say let’s change, let’s do something different and put in Rex, which blew up to be something more than what it was. And I just think it was unfortunate.

“Donovan is a great guy, a great football player. I feel like he has a lot left in his tank, and he’s gonna be good. Hopefully for the Redskins, but with that situation, it’s not likely....He’s been a great guy from day one, from the first time he got picked with the Eagles, handling that stuff up in Philly, to now, handling this situation. He showed me a lot of character, because he could have easily blew up and said ‘Man, you guys are embarrassing me, you’re belittling me,’ but he didn’t. He handled it, knowing that hey, it comes with the territory, people are gonna say what they want to say, I’m just gonna go out and be Donovan.”

(As sort of noted at Real Redskins.)