Some in the D.C. world have suggested that the Redskins releasing Donovan McNabb would be a fine gesture after a miserable year-plus experiment.

Heck, in the post directly below this one, my good friend Jason Reid sort of suggested that, during this week’s episode of Post Sports Live. The question was who leaves town first, McNabb or Haynesworth.

“I mean, they could hold McNabb,” Jason said. “The day after the first regular season game they have to decide whether to exercise his $10 million option. They could hold him [until then], but as badly as that situation turned out, I think the right thing to do is to say look, let’s just let him go quickly, because it was such an ugly situation. Whatever you want to say about Donovan McNabb — he didn’t play well last year and all that — this guy is a six-time Pro Bowler, and there were people in that building who said things about him, who backstabbed, who did things anonymously. It’s an ugly situation, and there are people in that building who know the situation was not handled correctly. I would think he would be the first to go.”

So, let McNabb go? Not so fast, says Friend of Shanahan Adam Schefter.

“Let me say this, that if you’re in business and you had an asset, would you just simply give ita way when you surrendered a 2 and a 4 to get that?” the ESPN reporter said on ESPN 980’s Sports Fix. “Would you just give it away because you want to be a nice guy? No. I think it’s very clear. And I think any other stance opposite that is quite frankly absurd. Now, ultimately they may wind up releasing him. They have to find a trade partner. But for the Washington Redskins to not look around a league that needs quarterbacks, where there are teams that need quarterbacks, and not try to get something back from Donovan McNabb would be completely moronic.”

So those are two sort of different views. But Schefter and Reid agreed on one thing: McNabb is out of town, one way or other.

“I mean, I’d be stunned if he played another down in Washington,” Schefter said. “Does anybody expect that to happen?”

They can do all the posturing that they want to do, but the bottom line is Donovan McNabb is going, because they’re not going to pay him that amount of money,” Reid said. “The likelihood is they’re probably going to have to release him, unless they just are willing to accept a 6th or 7th rounder if that’s how they save face on this colossal disaster. So he will be gone.”