Midway through the second period of the Caps’ series-clinching win over the Rangers, New York created some traffic around the Caps net before Michal Neuvirth pounced on the puck.. Then there was a scrum. Then Sean Avery skated to an official with a pained look on his face, complaining that Brooks Laich had bitten him.

Well then.

As the Comcast SportsNet video above shows, Avery started pushing Laich’s head down. Then Laich’s mouth was obscured. Then Avery got that look on his face. So Tom Boswell asked Laich about the accusation.

The Caps winger replied that he was bitten by an opponent during a regular-season game late this year, an incident that remained in his mind on Saturday.

“And I remember calling him gutless and telling their bench that’s a gutless play,” Laich told Boswell. “And [Avery’s] fingers were in my mouth, and I remember thinking about that, that I’m not [going to be] stupid about biting a player. He was trying to eye gouge me, he was sticking his fingers in my mouth. But that play happened to me where somebody bit me and I thought it was a low, disrespectful, gutless play, and I’m not gonna do that.”

Avery also tangled with Matt Hendricks late in the game; Hendricks then gestured at Avery in disgust. So I asked Hendricks about Avery’s behavior down the stretch.

“Pretty typical, I guess,” Hendricks said. “Pretty typical Avery, I guess. He played hard all series. That line was very effective for them. Give them credit.”

John Erskine also had words with Avery late in the game, and someone online suggested Erskine had said “Happy Easter” to the agitator.

“Have a good weekend,” Erskine thought he said, when I asked. “I don’t know. I have no idea. I don’t even remember.”

And so, the Sean Avery Experience ends, until next time.

(Video via SB Nation DC.)

Note: A previous version of this item suggested that the incident occurred at the end of the third period. It has been changed to reflect the facts. I regret the error.