But I’m not sure whether the venerable Kenner League — which Barr described as “a summertime home for top area college, high school and pro players” — has ever played host to a Cabinet secretary before.

Here, though, is the first paragraph of The Hoya’s Sunday Kenner League wrap-up:

In one of the most hilariously “That’s so Georgetown” moments this writer has ever encountered, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan suited up for Can’t Be Stop in today’s Kenner League action. Duncan, who played at Harvard and had a brief stint playing professionally in Australia, actually was able to hold his own against much younger competition.

Yes, the U.S. Secretary of Education played for a basketball team that is actually named “Can’t Be Stop.”

(For the record, it’s actually called the Nike Pro-City League now, but everyone still calls it the Kenner League.)

One anonymous tipster sent along the above photo, which shows Duncan, No. 30, missing a three-pointer. A few other folks tweeted about Duncan’s performance as the game went along, and the 47-year old seemed to be hanging in there.

Here’s @FLHoya: “Either my dad, a bizarro Arne Duncan, or the ghost of Kenner League past just walked in suited up to play in game 2.”

Here’s @aka_themamba: “Only at the famed Kenner Summer League in DC; Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education for US, suits up (no pun intended), and balls.”

Here’s @CasualHoya: “Arne Duncan rattles home a three, making him the equal of any Hoya sniper to date at KL.”

And here’s from HoyaTalk: “After the game, as Ron Bailey from HoyaReport did a photo op for the Tombs freshmen + Amadou with Arne Duncan, Coach Turner appeared to photobomb it.”

For what it’s worth, The Post covered Duncan’s basketball exploits in 2010, when he played in a local three-on-three event.

Duncan, a 6-foot-5 former Harvard basketball co-captain, played professionally in Australia before starting his career in Chicago public schools, and he is one of a number of basketball-obsessed politicos in the Obama administration. Duncan, a frequent pickup game partner of the president’s, has credited basketball with getting him into college and introducing him to his future wife.

Still, the Kenner League pretty clearly has more local cachet than the Rockin’ Refuel Hoop It Up Tour. No word if Duncan plans on returning to McDonough, or if John Thompson Jr. screamed at him at all.