Remember that time back, oh, last month, when Alex Semin didn’t do English-language interviews, and people thought maybe that was why there was this impression that he doesn’t care?

Well, now he’s a media star, and the message — both implicitly and explicitly — is that, guess what, he cares.

First he did an English-language video with the team’s Web site, and then on Wednesday came a sit-down with Comcast SportsNet’s Jill Sorenson.

“Who knows me — my teammates, the coaching staff — he knows how much I care,” Semin said in English.

In case there remained any doubt, George McPhee also appears in this piece, with this quote:

“He cares,” McPhee said. “He’s trying. I give him a lot of credit for it.”

As for this season, well, Semin is on board with the expectations.

“This year very important for Caps,” Semin said. “We’ve been four times division champions. I think this is time to win the Stanley Cup.”

Also, he wears some wacky shoes.