“Who voted for the Hokies?” Feinstein asked. “Who voted against them? If members of Congress have to vote publicly on tax increases or whether or not to go to war, why in the world shouldn’t tournament selection committee members have to explain why they voted for or against teams?”

Well, Seth Greenberg is on the same page as his media backer. On Friday, Virginia Tech’s coach went on ESPN 980’s John Thompson Show and sounded very much like Feinstein.

“Let’s open it up to the public,” Greenberg said. “I mean, we have trials that are open to the public, why not find out who votes for who? I mean, when there’s a roll call in Congress, last time I checked, you see who voted what. Well, why wouldn’t we have a roll call for the NCAA tournament. That would be interesting.”

Later, Greenberg said he was happy for VCU and glad to see the Rams succeeding, and also acknowledged that some people don’t like his complaints.

“Everyone goes oh Greenberg, he’s a whiner,” the coach said. “I don’t want to take anything from anyone else, but I’m sure gonna defend my guys, because you know what, they’re my guys. And I’ve been with those kids for four years, they’re good kids, they stayed out of trouble, they’re gonna graduate. Why wouldn’t I fight for my guys?