We’re getting married! Not to each other! (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Michael Morse, Ross Detwiler, Craig Stammen, Jordan Zimmermann, Ryan Zimmerman, Edwin Jackson and Corey Brown all have plans to take trips down the aisle.

“So many of us are the same age,” Ryan Zimmerman explained. “We have so many guys who are in the age 25 to 30 that have been in the big leagues for a while, which helps, too, because once you get out here you’re stable and can do some things.

“So I think it’s just kinda unique that we have so many guys the same age at the same point in their life on the same team.”

Morse agreed that age has a lot to do with it, but suggested that proposals might also be contagious.

“A lot of us, we’ve been on this team together for a while now, our girlfriends and fiancees are friends, so maybe it’s like a domino effect. Who knows,” he shrugged.

“Pressure,” Morse added. “Somebody gets engaged and then the next person’s gotta do it and the next person’s gotta do it.”

While they don’t sit around the clubhouse and share centerpiece ideas, a few of them do know what is important to them on their wedding day.

“I care about showing up and not passing out,” laughed Morse, whose nuptials are planned for November in Florida. “I care about not running out of booze.”

Stammen shared a similar sentiment.

“As long as she shows up, I’m okay with it,” he said.

Ryan Zimmerman, who is having a winter wedding, offered his own sage explanation of what matters most.

“Whatever’s important to her,” a very wise Zimmerman said. “Everyone will remember having a good time. Obviously the other things, the cake and all that stuff is more for the girl. They take pictures, pictures of which I will probably not look at that much after. I’ll probably look at them once, like, ‘Oh, those are nice. That’s awesome.’

“I think the biggest thing is just having fun,” he continued. “We’ve talked, and we’re excited obviously about the wedding, but I think we’re almost more excited about the reception and the after party. Very rarely do you get a chance to have both of your families, and extended families, too, together where everybody gets to have a good time. I think that’s the coolest part.”

Seven weddings in as many months is hell on one’s social calendar and Zimmerman summed it up nicely:

“Makes for a friggin’ busy offseason.”


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