In a strong show of loyalty to his incumbent starting quarterback, Mike Shanahan indicated Sunday that he would stick with John Beck during next week’s game against the Buffalo Bills. And he did it without even mentioning the quarterback’s name.

“Who’s your starter next week?” WUSA’s Dave Owens asked Shanahan after Sunday’s loss in Carolina.

“What’s that?” Shanahan replied.

“Who’s your starter next week?” Owens asked again.

Shanahan stared at him. This was the sort of stare you might give a talking ferret if the ferret asked whether it’d be ok if he defecated in your slippers while doing ferret karaoke to Lady Gaga using a feedback-heavy soundsystem covered with toxic mold and Dallas Cowboys stickers

“Are you joking?” the coach asked, thereby naming his starter in a three-word question format, which is not the typical way of naming a starting quarterback, but which was brief and amazingly effective, although not necessarily any more effective than just saying “John” would have been, all in all.

“I’m just asking,” Owens said.

“Next,” he said.

As far as I know, no one followed up by asking Shanahan to name his starting tight end, running back, center, or safety for next week’s game, which was swell, since blood might have spurted directly out of the coach’s eyes in that situation.

The video is here, if you’re a fan of 15-seconds of awkward.