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“I’m pretty comfortable with the playcalling, yeah,” he said. “I’m heavily involved with the offense, so....”

During a Monday interview with Comcast SportsNet’s Chick Hernandez, Shanahan was stronger. First, Hernandez asked how involved he is with the offensive coaching.

“I’m involved in football, on offense, defense and special teams,” Shanahan said. “You know, that’s what a head coach does. You’re always trying to keep your guys prepared. And of course it’s disappointing when you don’t put any points on the scoreboard, as we just talked about. But we’ll go back to the board on Wednesday. We looked at a lot of film today, I think our players understand where our mistakes are and we’ve just got to keep on getting better. There’s not a magic formula.”

“Are you satisfied with the playcalling at this point?” Hernandez then asked.

“Oh yeah, very much so,” Shanahan replied.