During a segment of last night’s episode of Inside the NBA, a tweet by our own Michael Lee got its 15 seconds of fame.

Toward the end of a discussion about the Lakers, the folks at TNT threw this tweet on the screen.

Shaq on #IndianaRon: “You can’t have all of these names.” Um, Shaq...how many names did you go by in the NBA?

— Michael Lee (@MrMichaelLee) May 22, 2012

Lee was referring to one of the many monikers of Ron Artest (or Metta World Peace, or whatever). This prompted a reaction from Shaq, whose Wikipedia page lists at least 17 different career nicknames, most of them self-anointed.

“First of all, Mr. Michael Lee, you address me as Dr. O’Neal. Second of all, I earned all my names, tough guy.”

Is a nickname really “earned” when you make it up yourself?

I’d love to show you the video here, but the NBA has a lot of fun rules about content and such. But you can go to this link, find the segment titled “Can The Lakers Be fixed” and skip to the 3:30 mark.