(Ed Andrieski/AP)

On the one hand, the Grossman-Beck plan seems maybe not to have given the Redskins a quarterback on par with, say, Tom Brady. On the other hand, we’re talking about Kyle Orton here. If you’re choosing between a Jumbo Slice and Taco Bell for Thanksgiving dinner, and somebody offers to bring you one of those pre-wrapped PB&J pods, you should probably just go hide in the closet and cry it out.

But the debate rages on, and the latest to take a side was former cornerback Shawn Springs. This came Tuesday, on the LaVar and Dukes Show.

“If I’m Dan Snyder, obviously you’ve got to stick with Shanahan,” Springs said. “You can’t keep changing. You’ve got to have something be consistent. You’ve got to give him an opportunity to work his plan.

“I obviously see that there needs to be an upgrade in personnel. There’s an opportunity to maybe move Cooley because of the emergence of Fred Davis. Figure out what they’re gonna do with LaRon and how they’re gonna get this kid to play. Go get another receiver.

“And you’ve got to find a quarterback. If I’m them, Kyle Orton is on the wire right now, I’m going to get him today. I’m going to get him today. They’ve got to go get somebody.”