Reader Jarad sent us this video in which his brother created a dance and beat around the names of Wizards guard Shelvin Mack and former Bullet Robert Pack.

When I hit play, my brain said, “Well, this is kind of dumb.” Then, at precisely the 1:10 mark, I laughed out loud and my brain said, “This is brilliant.”

The man behind the videos and in front of the camera is 23-year-old Ryan Kopf of Springfield, Va., and he says he’s been making them for a while.

“It started when I was real little,” he told me. “I started making little songs on my computer. I would put the names of Redskins and Wizards — well, Bullets then — in the songs because I was such a fan. Two years ago, my brother asked me to start up again because he thought they were funny.”

He doesn’t take it too seriously, using the name D.J. Bunyan (inspired by a childhood nickname) and making up a dance move specific to each player’s name. There are also videos for Redskins Chris Neild (Da Neildy Beat) and Niles Paul(Niles Mafia) as well as the Wizards’ Cartier Martin.

“I definitely didn’t want to do the stars on the team because they’re too mainstream,” Kopf explained. “I wanted to give the unsung heroes a shoutout.”

Which means an RGIII or Bryce Harper dance and beat are unlikely. As far as who is next, Kopf hasn’t decided.

“I definitely want to do a Nats player next,” he said. “I’m thinking maybe Lombardozzi, but I haven’t decided. I’m willing to take suggestions.”

Quick. Someone suggest Gio.