Redskins rules prevent me from embedding the long video of his interview with Fox 5 sports director Dave Feldman, but there’s a bunch of fascinating stuff about halfway through, when Feldman brings up the criticism Snyder has taken over his dozen years of ownership. I’m excerpting this puppy in bulk. You should read on.

Feldman: “It seems sometimes for a guy who is just SUCH a fan and who cares so much and made his own way successfully, gives back to charity, it seems sometimes you ARE a lightning rod for criticism. And I understand why, I don’t know if you understand why, or is that just part of the gig?

Snyder: “I think to some degree it’s part of the media landscape changing, and now with the blogging and all these different things, there’s a lot of stuff that’s written that’s just completely false. Something that I read about recently, someone sent me that said something about uh, um, uh, arm sleeves or some wristbands, I have no idea what he’s talking about.

“So there’s there’s a lot of that out there, a tremendous amount of it, and I think some of the criticism is rightfully so. I mean, we haven’t won a Super Bowl, so it’s a disappointment to us and the fans overall, and I respect that completely. And I think that we will win and we’ll win a bunch, and it’s just a matter of time. And with winning, I think people will recognize over the years as I get a bit older, I came in as a young brash guy, and 34, one of the youngest owners ever in the NFL, and that stirs it up. And I was a fan coming in, I think the team was 3-13 or whatever it was the year prior, and I was just like every fan — hey we’ve got to make changes — and made a bunch of wrong moves and a bunch of right moves.

“It’s really a scenario that I understand, and hopefully over time the fans will get to know me more and listen less to people that have never met me.”

Feldman: “Right, because sometimes the criticism seems personal, and I don’t know if you take it personally....”

Snyder: “I think you do, but what’s so odd is usually the personal criticism is from people you’ve never met and they don’t know you. And they pretend, they write and they pretend to have a relationship or know people within the building, and many of times the people that are writing them have never even been to the building. And you sit there and you get a little taken aback by it.”

Feldman: “Yeah. The criticism I remember, that was one of the reasons — you say people telling untruths — that you sued the City Paper. I don’t know if you’re allowed to talk about that, but were you worried about how that would be perceived, or did you just feel I have to do it?”

Snyder: “You know, I think that what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong and I’ve said enough about it, and I’m not really worried at all about it....But more so importantly is what we ask is people do their homework. You’re here all the time. There’s so many reporters and sports journalists that are actually here, and they don’t take the pot shots, they don’t do it from afar, [like people who have] never visited this building or our stadium. And you guys are here, and you live here and there, and you understand it.

“And that’s really the relationship that we have with most of the media, but then you have sort of what I’ll call tabloid journalists, tabloid people that make your profession look poor. If anything, the surprise to me about that whole lawsuit was the fact that you had legitimate journalists taking sides with a tabloid journalist, and I think that’s a little chintzy.”