More Dan Snyder! This time on NBC Washington, which has a mega collection of video clips. A few highlights from his sit-down with Dan Hellie and Lindsay Czarniak.

* On his involvement in football operations: “You know what’s interesting is there’s a little bit of a misperception here.When Joe Gibbs was here for over four seasons, nobody came to talk to me about football, and the same thing now. It was very similar between Mike Shanahan and Joe Gibbs, that they take command of the football team, and I love that.

“I mean, for me it’s easy. I don’t want to be involved. I enjoyed this draft probably more than any draft we had, because these guys worked so hard at preparation. It’s very different than Vinny Cerrato, their structure, and I can tell you that I thought the trades and the moves that Bruce [Allen] made to accomplish what he accomplished was really remarkable. It was a great Redskin day, and I think people two or three years from now are gonna LOVE this draft.”

* On whether he had second thoughts about his City Paper lawsuit: “Sure, you always second-guess things like that, but you know, I hired [PR boss Tony Wyllie] to do a job, and I respect him. I think he’s a really talented guy, and I think I’m in good hands, so I get over it, I move on, and life is not that focused. I think the person that writes [for City Paper] has an obsession, some sort of issue and needs to get over it and grow up. ”

* On Albert Haynesworth: “Talk to Bruce. Talk to Bruce Allen...It’s their decision....They keep me totally informed, these guys have been great on that....I completely trust them....Sometimes when you spend a lot of money, disappointment would be an understatement.”