With the Redskins minicamp ending, we were facing another alarming shortage in local football news. Enter Dan Snyder, who granted at least two one-on-one interviews with TV stations this week: to Lindsay Czarniak and Dan Hellie of NBC 4, and to Fox 5 sports director Dave Feldman.

Feldman, whose piece aired first, asked Snyder whether he was worried about missing NFL games this season, and the owner offered some of his first public comments on the lockout.

“No, actually, I’m actually very confident in Roger Goodell, the commissioner, and his staff and the team he’s got,” Snyder said. “I think they’ll get to the table soon and negotiate a deal and I’m optimistic. I think we’ll have a full season, and I’m excited about this season for us.”

Feldman asked again about whether Snyder believed a full season would be played; “absolutely,” the owner said, though he said he did not expect an 18-game season “out of the gate,” but “down the road, potentially.”

Earlier in the interview, Feldman asked about the highs and lows of Snyder’s 12 years of ownership.

“I think that I'll always be a fan so it’s gonna come natural to me,” Snyder said of the question. “Obviously not making the playoffs enough would be the lows, and some of the years — last year 6-10, or 4-12 — you feel really disappointed. 2005 would probably be the high year. I thought we were gonna make the Super Bowl. I was convinced, and a lot of the players and coaches [were too].”

Then Snyder talked about coming home from Tampa in the middle of the night and seeing 5,000 fans waiting for the team to arrive.

“It was just a lot of excitement, and we went out to Seattle, and I felt like we get through Seattle, Joe’s not gonna lose the [NFC] championship, so we’d be ok. And we were ahead, actually, I remember, and then it started raining. Something about Seattle and rain. Not very lucky out there.”

(Note: the box score seems to indicate that the Redskins were ahead, 3-0, for 34 seconds in the 2nd quarter of that game.)

In the “offbeat and quirky” portion of the interview, Feldman asked Snyder about his favorite band.

“Let’s see, we have Kenny Chesney next week at the stadium, so Kenny Chesney right now,” he joked. “No, obviously grew up with the Rolling Stones and U2 and all the more modern acts.”

After the piece aired, one of the Fox 5 hosts said the owner seemed “very personable” in the sit-down, and Feldman said he’s more comfortable in one-on-one settings.

“But isn’t he also working on trying to be a little more accessible, a little nicer, having a slightly softer edge?” Feldman was asked.

“He is, absolutely, and he’s got a new guy who runs his PR and that’s Tony Wyllie,” Feldman said. “And Tony was brought in to help with his image, and I told Dan, when we see you like this, it IS a different side. This side should get out more, because I think he would be more likeable if he did more of these things.”

“Indeed, I think the fans enjoy it, too,” one of the Fox 5 hosts said.