Can I hear five consecutive Dan Snyder posts! Sold!

Because the end of Snyder’s interview with Fox 5’s Dave Feldman contained more fascinating stuff about his reluctance to go on podiums, and his hope for the future.

It started with some hard-hitting questioning from Feldman, whose station has a deal with the Redskins Broadcast Network, as does NBC 4, which also earned a Snyder sit-down this week.

Feldman: “I don’t know, maybe it’s different when there’s a podium up there and you have to talk and all the media’s there, and maybe it puts you on guard, but sitting down in a one-on-one setting, there’s a very likable side of Dan Snyder. And is that harder to come out when there’s a podium and people are grilling questions?”

Snyder: “Yeah, I’ve never been good at press conferences. I remember when I first bought the club and I told Paul Tagliabue, ‘Do I have to get up at the podium?’ And he says yeah, I’m gonna introduce you as the owner. And I said ‘Well, I haven’t prepared anything,’ and he says oh you’ll be fine. And the answer is I’m not as comfortable with that, I’m more comfortable one-on-one.

“And I’m also very comfortable sitting around with reporters. Tony [Wyllie] actually in the last time now has introduced me to a bunch of national reporters on the NFL. A guy Rick in Dallas, gotten to know him. It’s been fun when they get to know me, and they’re always like well that’s not the guy I read the blog about, and it’s not. Tony asked Bernie Shaw, ‘How has Dan changed?’ And Bernie once said to him he hasn’t really changed, it’s just not been written.”

Feldman: “So when you read that stuff, Dan...”

Snyder: “I don’t read it, I don’t read it that much. Sometimes if it’s brought to me — Dan you got to see this, because this is wrong, something about a wristband — I’ll say ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’”

Feldman: “But if someone’s just writing an article....”

Snyder: “Have at it. Have at it. I’m not seeking the media.”

Feldman: “What would you say to the fans? You’ve got a message for the fans who don’t get to hear from you that often?”

Snyder: “Yeah, No. 1, we absolutely bleed burgundy and gold, we are dying to win, and we WILL win. Have the confidence and the faith. I grew up with the Redskins, decades and decades, including some tough years. They DO turn around. It DOES happen and you DO get on top. And you remember those day,s and you also remember the low days. And the high days are coming, so keep the burgundy and gold faith, and I think you’ll be proud of what we’re putting together here.”