(screengrab via Deadspin)

Apparently if you’re an Orioles fan, one home run from Nick Markakis is almost as impressive as four from Josh Hamilton.

According to Deadspin, this screengrab above comes from the MASN broadcast of last night’s Rangers-Orioles game and shows Hamilton narrowly beating out Markakis for player of the game, despite going 5 for 5 with four home runs.

It’s possible that Baltimore fans watching on television, loyal to the end, voted for the only Oriole option given. I’m also willing to consider that this was actually a “who has curlier hair” poll.

The Orioles fans in attendance at the game had a little more sense, giving Hamilton a standing ovation as he rounded the bases for his fourth home run.

“When I came out after the fourth one, the crowd and appreciation lets you know that they are true baseball fans,” Hamilton said.

Either that, or they were really cheering for Markakis.