These giant racing presidents just can’t keep themselves out of the news lately. Just one day after the Nats made waves with the guest spot by giant-headed JFK, things turned sour during Thursday night’s race when a loutish fan reached over and slapped Thomas Jefferson in the noggin. Alexander Hamilton fan, evidently.

Now, some Nats blogs — Let Teddy Win, which first reported the incident, and SB Nation DC — immediately identified the culprit as a Phillies fan. And the fan was certainly sitting in the vicinity of Philadelphians, as evidenced by the Daulton shirt and the kid in the blue hat.

Still, I don’t know how you prove this one way or the other, unless you’re willing to take the leap that anyone who would reach down and smack a giant racing president in the head could only hail from Philadelphia.

“The fans there are ruthless, in all sports, from football to baseball to hockey,” Rod Langway said Thursday morning, when I asked him about something totally different. Still, the quote fits.

Let Teddy Win reported that security “swarmed” the troll and “immediately ejected him from the park.” First-hand reports would be appreciated.

In other news, here are 40,000 Phillies fans marching on Nats Park. Good lord. Also, I met a babysitter last night who was wearing a Chase Utley shirt and told her I wouldn’t trust her with my daughter. True story.