Then Reader R. sent me a photo of his own, seen above, which shows a very similar view. Where once there were seats, now there aren’t.

So I finally e-mailed Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie this week and asked what was going on.

“We will have an announcement forthcoming regarding the [party deck] seats,” Wyllie responded.

Coincidentally, City Paper chimed in again this week with a column on the matter, in which Dave McKenna argued that the project argues against the existence of a 200,000-person wait list:

Supply is kicking demand’s ass at FedEx Field.

The latest indicator: Seats are being ripped out of the stadium. A whole lot of seats....

Bottom line: If either the 358-game [sellout] streak or the six-figure waiting list were close to valid, would Snyder have gone ahead with the party-deckization of FedExField that is apparently now underway?

(Full disclosure: I am friends with McKenna, and his son sometimes attempts to tackle my daughter. Also, several readers forwarded me his column and suggested I comment on it. I have not personally seen, communicated or spoken with McKenna since Saturday, when we went to a playground together and tossed around a Nerf football, though we never discussed FedEx Field. Also, another kid threw sand on my daughter and McKenna helped comfort her.)

As for what’s up with the stadium, we’ll have to wait and see. There’s a long thread on Extreme Skins devoted to the matter. That’s where the photo below comes from.