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“We don’t know yet. They have to play. He’s very talented, he’s got a very good arm, I’ve watched him practice, he’s a light arm, he’s got good velocity on the ball, he’s got a good touch. And he’s quicker than anyone I’ve seen. Obviously he’ll be quicker than any Redskins quarterback in history. He just has to listen to his coaches, let the game come to him, and go out and play and have fun now.”

After some kind words about Kirk Cousins, Jurgensen went on to suggest we exercise some caution when it comes to the hype.

“Yes, it’s exciting, the fact that you have a young man that’s coming in to be the face of the franchise, a guy who can take over and be their quarterback,” Jurgensen said. “But it’s a very tough division. Look at some of the pundits’ picking of the NFC East. They’re picking Philadelphia first, Dallas second, New York Giants, who won the Super Bowl, third and the Redskins fourth. So, they’re a much better football team now. Getting [Pierre] Garcon and [Joshua] Morgan, they’ve improved this football team. But it’s a tough division to play in.”

Jurgensen also shared his feelings on the team’s strategy, where they needed to fill in some holes and his favorite NFL memories. The full podcast is here; Jurgensen’s segment starts at the 7:57 mark.