“RG111 Is Sensational In His NFL Debut As He Leads Skins Vs. Saints Here In New Orleans.He Is REAL YO,” Spike tweeted.

Yes, those are ones. Robert Griffin CXI.

As Dan pointed out, Spike and his Giants gear were all over the Superdome yesterday. I’m pretty sure that 98 percent of his wardrobe is Giants and Knicks gear, so rocking it at a Redskins game in New Orleans is just Spike being Spike. That being said, wearing head-to-toe team gear to a game your team is home watching on television is a little weird.

Oh, and if you were planning on calling Spike a bandwagon RGIII fan, don’t bother.

”@pb_333: That’s right, hop on the bandwagon, @spikelee”Not A Fan Of The Skins.Moron,The Are In The Same Division As The NY Football Giants

— Spike Lee (@SpikeLee) September 10, 2012


Spike Lee at RGIII opener in Giants gear